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About ESTA

ESTA, an electronic registration system, allows visitors from 41 countries that are members of Visa Waiver Program to apply for an electronic waiver before they board a plane or cruise ship bound towards the United States. As such, these visitors are exempted from applying to a traditional visa.

The ESTA program was implemented on January 12, 2009.

It is possible to register third parties (travel agencies and family members, friends). One must pay the ESTA fee to obtain an ESTA.


Only visa waiver country passport holders are eligible to apply

Online submission is required for ESTA applications

The application takes less than 10 minutes to complete

Processing time for the ESTA application can take up to 72 hours


Verify the expiration date and validity on your current ESTA

Before you travel, make sure to review the ESTA application details

Check your passport validity and details

Update your application data if needed


ESTA allows you to update only two sections of your application

The address of the accommodation in the United States

Your contact information (e-mail address) used to submit your ESTA application

About eVisas

A visitor can enter a country with an eVisa for a specific period. Each country has its own eligibility requirements and immigration requirements. eVisas may be electronically linked with passports or printed after approval.

Only online applications are possible. People must use the internet to apply. The online application process allows for the possibility of questions being asked by authorities. You must pay the submission fee by debit or credit card. Currently, more countries than 30 use an eVisa system to prescreen visitors before they arrive.

About eBooks

We make visa applications easy! Our Visa Team is well-versed in all aspects of US immigration. Obtaining a visa to the United States of America can be difficult. Many people are denied visas because of mistakes made during the application process. We want to change this. Modern consumers are able to use our eBooks if they follow a "do-it-yourself" lifestyle. Check out our product catalog.

An eVisa allows a visitor to enter a country for a specified period of time. Each country has its own requirements, eligibility and specific immigration requirements. eVisas can either be electronically linked to passports or printed upon approval.


About Us

All travelers looking to get eVisas can find information and products from us. Our mission is to make the application process easy, stress-free, and accurate. This website is operated by a private company and has no ties to any government, embassies, consulates, or government.

We offer prompt service to all customers, whether they contact us directly or use any of our services. Expert consultants review online applications and check for common mistakes. Each visa guide contains detailed information, as well as the application forms. Our multilingual Customer Service Team can be reached via email any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.