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Eligibility Test


If you have any questions about obtaining a U.S. travel authorisation, we are here to help. Through our website you can easily verify the status and, if necessary, update your ESTA details before your next visit to the USA. Simply complete the relevant fields on the user-friendly online form to help us locate your previous ESTA and make any changes.

We recommend that you update your ESTA travel authorisation if:

  •  You have changed your E-mail address since you last applied
  •  You have changed the address in the U.S. where you will be staying since you last applied

You should also check the status of your ESTA if:

  •  You have lost your ESTA number
  •  You are unsure if you have ever applied
  •  You are unsure if your ESTA Travel Authorization has expired? ESTA is only valid for two years
  •  There is someone in your travel group, in your family or e.g. a colleague that are not certain about the status or their ESTA travel document

You need to submit a New ESTA Application if:

  •  Your ESTA travel authorisation has expired
  •  You have never obtained an approved ESTA travel authorisation
  •  You have changed your response to any of the mandatory security questions
  •  Your name, gender, or citizenship have changed
  •  You have obtained a new passport since you last applied for ESTA


The advantage of applying through our website is that your application will be reviewed before submission to minimise the likelihood of rejection. We answer any questions you may have and can help you locate previous ESTA applications, check the status and make any necessary changes. Once the updates are completed and verified, you will receive an updated ESTA in pdf format by email. We aim to complete any review or update within 24 hours.